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Stay in touch with people you care about
Stay in touch with your loved ones abroad at unbelievably low prices
Stay in touch with your loved ones abroad with great long distance calls plans
Stay in touch with your loved ones abroad with IBNtel
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Paying for your calls is easy
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The advantage of having an IBNtel post paid phone card
The Benefits Of Having A Dial Around Long Distance Service
The benefits of having a phone card
The best calling rates
The best calling rates from the very best long distance companies
The Best Long Distance Deals from IBNtel
The Best Toll Free Services
To enjoy the lowest rates, buy an IBNtel calling cardTo enjoy the lowest rates, buy an IBNtel calling card
Toll Free Numbers: Convenient and Cheap
Toll free numbers for cheap long distance calls
Toll free numbers for smart business owners from IBNtel
Toll free numbers for your business
Understanding International Call Back rates
Understanding long distance billing
Using dial around long distance services is easy and convenient
Using IBNtel phone cards
Using Long Distance Phone Cards
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Why choose IBNtel for international calls?
Why go for IBNtel long distance services
Why IBNtel for your long distance calls?
Why spend more when you can pay less with an IBNtel calling card
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Will I be charged an origination fee for international long distance calls?
Will there be a contract for signing up for IBNtel's wireless service?

Stay in touch while on your dream vacation

Gone are the days when your receptionist noted messages when you were on holiday. According to a 2007 US survey, almost one-third employees have decided to take their work with them while they are on holiday. 19% will be checking-in voluntary. The ones who are going to be in touch plan to use voicemail or email on a regular basis. Even though many business owners say that are never going to fall in the workaholic trap of carrying their mobile phone and laptop on vacation, there are some who still do. At IBNtel we are aware of this fact and have the resources to make sure you are in touch even if you are on holiday. .

At IBNtel we offer easiest and most affordable international call back services for placing international calls irrespective of where you are. Not many are aware of the international rates in countries like France and Italy. The customers have to simply pre-register an international number, the number for the hotel with IBNtel. When you reach the destination dial the toll free number for accessing a secure United States-based line. Hang up once the calls starts ringing, they are then “called back” with that secure line. Customers can thereafter place international long distance calls knowing that, rather than depending on the uncertainty of international long distance charges and exchange rate in the city or country that they are staying in, they will be connected at the lowest possible rate every time.

To know more and sign up for an international call back service, get in touch with IBNtel at (888) 865-8100 during normal business hours. Our efficient and friendly customer representatives will help you in getting the long distance service started



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long distance

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