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IBNtel offers our agents and resellers incredible flexibility and access in designing and selling their products. You can easily create rate tables and choose from a large selection of carriers that specialize in different destinations. By allowing you to create your own routing tables and rates you can choose to offer different types of services to different clients. For example, some of our calling card resellers choose to create a low rate calling card product which they choose to route through a low cost Tier III carrier while routing their Direct Dial customers through a more reliable but higher cost Tier I carrier.

If you prefer to make your money up front you can become a Referral Partner. IBNtel will pay you $20 for every customer that you refer for our Direct Dial long distance services. Click HERE for more details about this program.

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Sign up for a new VoIP Service Plan from IBNtel.  Many plans are available ranging from as low as $3.95/mo. to unlimited plans with international calling for $19/95/mo.  Contact customer service from more information.

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