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Long Distance Phone Service
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Are you worried about the long distance rates being charged?

When it comes to long-distance calling charges, people will go to great lengths in order to get the best deals. In fact, some entrepreneurs change phone carriers almost every month to avail of the latest savings plan. Even though there are subscription services, which automatically enable small-business owners to get the lowest long-distance rates from several providers, the subscription fees usually cancel out the savings.

Irrespective of your individual or situational needs, IBNtel has the ability to offer a reliable and affordable long distance solution that is apt for you. Our direct dial long distance service gives a stable connection irrespective of the weather, satellite position or the power. People who would not like commitment but would yet like to have the same reliability, we have the right kind of dial around long distance services with rock-solid networks and amazing rates. Those who are always on the move can avail of our prepaid and postpaid long distance calling cards, which allow you to call from any phone in Canada or the United States.

Your options become practically limitless if you choose us as your long distance provider. The long distance rates that we have on offer are the lowest you can find anywhere, and they provide a wide range of services to suit your requirements. You can make domestic calls at 1.7 c/minute, and thus not worry about talking for hours on end. Even if you are away from your home phone, we have solutions for this as well. With our dial around service, you can make long distance calls from anywhere in the country, by simply dialing a numerical prefix before the number you want to call. Call charges are included in your monthly bill.

From the clunky tools in the past, today the technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. For example, the headsets in the market today have various innovational features like noise-canceling microphones, which result in excellent audio output. Apart from innovative qualities that improve the performance, the provider one chooses also determines the lowering of long distance calling charges.

Call us today at (888) 865-8100 to know how we can meet your long distance needs. Our friendly customer care representatives would assist you in looking for a suitable long distance solution. You can also visit our website at www.ibntel.com to learn more. Switch to IBNtel today for a worry free service and considerably low long distance rates.






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