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 Dial Around Long Distance Service.
 Use an access code every time you dial before you make your long distance calls and get a rate as low as 1.7 /min..
 Convenient. Easy To Use. No need to switch your long distance carrier.
 Unbeatable international rates.
 Use toll free or local access codes.

Rates As Low As
1.7 /min

  To check the rates available in your area, please enter your area
  code and prefix and press the "Go" button.

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Local Access Code Rates

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If this box is checked, the lowest available rates will be displayed below regardless of the phone number entered above. Please be aware that the rates displayed after checking this box are not available in all areas.

Please select the country that you wish to call, to see the long distance rates offered by IBNtel. The rates displayed on this page are for the dial around service. To use this service you need to first dial an access code. This access code can either be a toll free number (which can be used from most phones in the US) or a local number. The long distance rates when using the local access code are usually lower than the rates offered when using the toll free access code. There is no need to switch your long distance carrier when using the dial around service but you will first have to register the phone number that you'll be using this service from with IBNtel. This service can only be used from pre-registered phone numbers.

IBNtel will send you a separate bill every month with the total amount of long distance calls you made during your billing cycle.  Your bill can be paid either with a credit card, check or money order.  All applicable federal, state and local taxes apply.  A $1.95 billing fee will be added to your bill for any month in which your usage is less than $20.  If you choose to sign up for the paperless bill option the billing fee will be waived.

For a list of our Direct Dial long distance rates please click here.

To check all the local access codes in your area click here.

* Rate not available in all areas.

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