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Getting a long distance phone card

When you purchase a long distance phone card from IBNtel, you get the lowest possible rates for use. There are two long distance cards to choose from. First, you can select the prepaid version, which will be sent to you through mail within a few days of placing the order. Your actual delivery time will depend largely upon where you are located and the time at which you placed the order. We also have calling cards that are not prepaid, but can be paid for each month, depending on your usage. In this case, we can recharge the prepaid long distance card each month, so that you can keep making calls without worrying about going over the balance in the process.

The long distance phone cards that we have on offer have rates that start as low as 3.9 cents every minute, which is one of the lowest rates available in the market for any type of calling card plan. Moreover, these cheap long distance calls can be made throughout the US and Canada from practically any type of landline in the area. Also, keep in mind that there is no need to prepay for these long distance services, as IBNtel provides you a bill every month, covering the charges that you have used.

So if you want to take advantage of the low rates on long distance calling cards, register with IBNtel, because we know what our customers need for their long distance requirements. Apart from the affordable rates, we also provide international and domestic long distance calling that is reliable as well. All you need to do is register your present telephone number in order to get started with IBNtel. The registration procedure is easy and quick. You can either sign up online at Ibntel.com or call our customer service department on the toll free number 1-888-865-8100 to know more about our services.


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