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Gift calling cards to your loved ones

Figuring out what to gift somebody can often be a perplexing task. Not only do you want to give something useful, but the gift should also show that you care. Giving the right gift to the elderly people you care about can be particularly problematic. Most elderly people no longer need any more trinkets and the like. Why not give an IBNtel calling card instead? It would be the perfect gift, not only to the elderly, but also to anyone else that you want to give a thoughtful and useful gift to.

Calling cards are basically prepaid “credit cards” which can be used for redeeming cell phone or telephone minutes. When you purchase a calling card, you buy minutes upfront. There are two types of calling cards: one that is used with long distance landline phones and the other with ‘pay as you go’ cellular plans.

Calling cards that are bought online could consist only of the access number and PIN, rather than actual plastic cards. Whether purchased online or offline, it has to be remembered that sometimes carriers can go out of business, in which case customers who have pre-purchased minutes stand the chance of losing their leftover credit. Therefore, when you buy a calling card, it is best to ensure that you choose a reputable company.

With IBNtel, you have just that - a reputable and reliable company. Gifting an IBNtel calling card will tell the person you give it to just how much you care about him or her. After all, with the card they can stay in touch with their friends and loved ones. What could be more apt? For them, perhaps nothing else.

You have options when gifting an IBNtel calling card. For instance, you can choose between gifting a postpaid calling card or a prepaid calling card. With postpaid calling cards, the charges are calculated on a monthly basis, while prepaid calling cards can be purchased in various denominations. On this, you can also add more minutes whenever you want to. We assure that you will not be charged more than the long distance rates or minutes you use.

To learn more about the various wireless plans we have to offer, call us at (888) 865-8100 or visit our website www.ibntel.com and know for yourself all the benefits you will be able to derive by allowing us to process your application with the wireless provider of your choice. We look forward to providing you the best of services at the lowest of rates.


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