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Grow your business with IBNtel's toll free number

A toll free number can be an integral part of a business communications plan. One of the most useful features of a toll free number is using it to determine how effective your marketing has been. The call history of your number will reveal important information like the number of customers that had called, what time of the day they had called, and which location they had called from. Business owners can use this information and create and launching marketing campaigns.

Business owners have to ensure that factors necessary for the smooth running of their operations are present. One such factor is dependable employees, and low overhead costs another. However, a major business requirement, which usually gets overlooked, is the need to stay connected to partners and clientele. Business owners advertise in different states and cities. There are possibilities that at least some of the customers would be based in different areas than where the business is actually located. In such a case, local business phone numbers are not adequate for communication between the customer and the business. What the business needs is an IBNtel long distance toll free service that will be reliable, affordable, and an easy way of staying connected at all times.

With most major long distance providers charging hefty amounts for toll free numbers, our toll free service is available at considerably low rates. Toll free numbers for the business allows customers and associates to contact the company whenever they want to without incurring any costs on themselves. Businesses are charged 4.9 cents per minute. They don’t have any restrictions on the number of customers or from where they can make calls. Customers appreciate the cost saving and the freedom toll free numbers provide, which helps in making the business profitable.

Our toll free service uses six-second call rounding to make sure that customers do not have to pay more than they should. In addition, we do not charge any hidden prices or fees for the long distance or toll free services.

Call IBNtel today and check out for yourself how they can help your business grow with an affordable, reliable toll free number. You can also visit our website at www.ibntel.com to learn more. Purchase an IBNtel toll free number today and make a wise business investment.


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